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Student in need of complex design help!


Check back later for some more details about this engineer. Not all engineers are word masters!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


KU Engineering Aerospace/Military 2018 - 2020

I was an honors student with a degree in Bio and then Econ planning on becoming a trauma surgeon already accepted in SLU medical school and Wash-U Med-school but just was going through the motions. I have always been good at art, math, psychics, practical knowledge of whatever I was working with and the ability to completely disassemble and reassemble jusdt about anything in no time. Ever since I was in grade school I loved taking apart things to "upgrade them and always had the correct ideas in my head I just lacked the necessary tools and resources. It finally hit me that this is where I belong. With my uncle a retired Navy Seal and my brother a Green Beret my goal is to make and rethink modern weaponry, giving our troops as much of an advantage as I can. War is nothing to be idolized but I want my brother to have the best and of course come home. I have several sketches and ideas on improving outdated weaponry tech I just need help perfecting them and implementing them, hopefully through 3d printing with continuous carbon fiber printing, Ti, and Inconel 625. MarkForged is the best and only 3D printer I know capable of these materials but do not have 30,000$ to spend on their Metal X printer. ANYONE HAVE ONE?



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