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I started taking Architectural Design at a College in High School. I designed many different House styles, then went on to commercial, like Restaurants, Dentist Offices, Small Stores, Work Space layout and Structures. Aircraft have always been in my life since I was 3 yrs old. Bought my first Biplane at age 11, Started working on Farms and Ranches at 11 and could see better ways to do things, so I drew them up and 2 went into production. I was too young to understand Patents. Later I Enlisted into the Air Force during Vietnam. After I got out of the Service I went to work for Air Force at the Federal Center in an Engineering Capacity. I also taught classes in how to read Aircraft part Drawings. I had returned to my Drawing Boards (that I still have-pre-computer). Then I got heavily into computers. I started my own store building custom hardware and doing some programming. I started with a program for DOS (Pre Mac and Windows) that was a true 3D modelling for Architecture based on a Silver Screen engine. Then I used the first couple releases of Auto CAD which I quit and went back to the Boards as they were so expensive, and the Giant Leader in the field. Then I tried TurboCAD but only had use for drawing my Radio Controlled Aircraft and Homebuilts at that time. Now I am learning FreeCAD as it is Feature Rich (and I can not afford SolidWorks). I am now many years retired/disabled. I miss desiging Circuit Boards, Architecture, and Aircraft so I am back at it. I think I am going to join an online class in CAD to be able to join GrabCAD Challenges since I need to be a student.


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