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PT 101/ Beretta 96

Other Rendering By John on August 23, 2012 15:07 in Machine design Military Sport

This is a PT 101 Slide and barrel assemble with a Modified Beretta frame reflecting the differences in the Taurus.

This animation is incorrect The compensator is still "in design" and cannot be usefully mounted as it is.


  • James Jones
    James Jones over 1 year ago

    Hello do you have a "sgs compensator" dwg by any chance. Looked every where I can't find it.

  • John
    John over 1 year ago

    No i dont biy try to find who was remanufacturing them. Beretta or taurus forums have info
    The sgs is a guide rod mounted compensator btw

  • JR Viljoen
    JR Viljoen 10 months ago

    is this a ready to be machined design? Since I want to machine a steel frame for my PT100.

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