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Shop Operator Actively Managing Orders
Easy Setup & Administration Check
Admin Dashboard Check Check Check
Browser Accessible Check Check Check
Easy Order Management Check
Designed for 3D Print Shops Check
Ability to read CAD files Check Check Check
Stratasys Machines & Materials pre-configured Check
Technology Agnostic Check Check
Job & Part Tracking Check Check Check Check
Multiple Shops Check Check Check
Business Branding Check Check Check
Notifications Check Check Check
Permission Control Check Check Check
Real-time Collaboration Check Check Check
Customer Support Integration Check Check

How does GrabCAD Shop differ from the competition?

There are a variety of approaches to managing shop work orders. However, GrabCAD Shop is designed specifically for 3D printing shops, with communication & collaboration built into the work order and as simple to use as the web.

Manage work orders
Manage Work Orders

You can sort and filter orders in many ways including by technology, delivery date, order status and job requester.

Specify job details
Specify Job Details

GrabCAD Shop users can specify desired specifications, including technology and material, and color based on what is available.

Dates and estimates
Capture Dates & Estimates

You can easily provide deadlines and completion estimates. GrabCAD Shop also enables you to provide pricing for the part to be completed in the desired currency.

Attach relevant job files
Attach Relevant Job Files

CAD files can directly be attached to the GrabCAD Shop work order along with supporting documentation such as Word, Excel, PDF to provide a CAD formats, including Creo, SOLIDWORKS, NX CATIA, Inventor, STEP, Parasolids, STL, OBJ and VRML.

Collaborate in real time
Collaborate in Real Time

Comments allow job requesters and operators to communicate quickly and effectively on the order.

Always be up to date
Always Be Up to Date

Stay up-to-date with status updates, notifications, and email alerts per order.

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