Medical 3D Printing Software for the Stratasys Digital Anatomy Printer

The new Digital Anatomy Printer from Stratasys offers cutting-edge realism. By working in GrabCAD Print software, you can print realistic human anatomical models that mimic bone and tissue.

Anatomically realistic 3D printing

Realistic 3d printing
Choose from a library of anatomical presets
GrabCAD Print offers the most complete library of human anatomy presets, reducing the need to design internal structures. You can choose specific digital anatomies such as bones, blood vessels and hearts.
Create bio-realistic anatomical models
Automatically generate micro-structures including fibers and porous structures resulting in the most accurate anatomical models.

Materials that imitate human tissue

Imitate human tissue
Create a realistic feel
GrabCAD Print allows you to choose the anatomy you want in order to create the right bone and tissue feel:
  • TissueMatrix™: an ultra-soft material, replicating muscle and soft organs.
  • GelMatrix™: Gel based material, enabling modeling of complex blood vessels and cavities.
  • BoneMatrix™: High toughness material, to imitate cortical bone and connective tissue.

Streamlined design and post process

Streamlined design and post process
Save time and effort
The unique voxel based engine eliminates the need to re-design micro-structures for each new pathology, as predictable performance with anatomy choice takes the guesswork out of the equation.
Easily remove support material
GelMatrix™ support materials allow for easy support removal from complex blood vessel models.

Tested and validated for your use case

Tested validated for use case
Get the most accurate digital anatomy specifications
Stratasys is working with leading medical device companies and research institutes to develop digital anatomies. Medical simulation scenarios are continuously updated so performance is always tuned to fit common simulation and validation scenarios.
Save time by working with anatomical presets
Software presets are evaluated against real animal and human tissue.