Eindhoven, Netherlands
Thomas Edison (1847-1931): " I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. " ;)
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megumi hattori

TOKYO, Japan
I'm still green :) Don't be too hard on me.
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United States
A Packaging Designer by trade, interested in all things CAD.
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Steen Winther

Sydney, Australia
What is this place, exactly?
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Chonburi, Thailand
Naval Architect & Marine Designer
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saeid hs

tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of
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neil louw

Nelspruit, South Africa
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Heriberto Maruzza

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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André L. Jahnel

Santa Catarina, Brazil
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charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
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Aitor Amigo

Valencia, Spain
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Manish M C

klang, Malaysia
Https:// - An aspiring 3d Designer and a naval architect who designs everything
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