Sam Yacuzzo

United States
Architecture, Automotive, Components, Computer, Construction, Educational, Electrical, Energy and Power, Fixtures, Furniture, Hobby, Household, Industrial design, Interior design, Jewellery, Just for fun, Machine design, Marine, Medical, Military, Miscellaneous, Nature, Piping, Tools, Toys
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56 models
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Rex Fu

Leipzig, Germany
3D printing, Automotive, Furniture, Hobby, Industrial design, Tech, Tools, Toys
Score: 15180 Followers: 414
11 models
0 tutorials
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Taufiqul Islam

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Automotive, Educational, Just for fun, Marine, Military, Tech
Score: 11603 Followers: 73
30 models
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3 answers


Eindhoven, Netherlands
3D printing, Components, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Energy and Power, Furniture, Hobby, Industrial design, Just for fun, Miscellaneous, Tech, Tools
Score: 86523 Followers: 582
323 models
0 tutorials
2 answers


Port St. Lucie, United States
Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Sport
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48 models
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ADEBOTT Projetos

São Paulo, Brazil
Automotive, Components, Construction, Fixtures, Machine design, Miscellaneous, Nature, Robotics, Tools, Toys
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16 models
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Carlos A. Biffi

São Paulo, Brazil
Components, Industrial design, Machine design, Miscellaneous
Score: 978 Followers: 4
23 models
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Steen Winther

Sydney, Australia
Educational, Hobby, Industrial design, Machine design, Military, Miscellaneous, Tools, Toys
Score: 61078 Followers: 789
164 models
5 tutorials
43 answers

yusuf erdoğan

kocaeli, Turkey
3D printing, Architecture, Automotive, Educational, Furniture, Industrial design, Interior design
Score: 1183 Followers: 7
13 models
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Angelo Paradiso

3D printing, Components, Construction, Educational, Energy and Power, Hobby, Industrial design, Interior design, Just for fun, Machine design, Robotics
Score: 663 Followers: 7
10 models
0 tutorials
0 answers

Nouryos Youns

Paderborn, Germany
3D printing, Architecture, Electrical, Furniture, Industrial design, Machine design, Robotics, Tech
Score: 1418 Followers: 21
20 models
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Heriberto Maruzza

Buenos Aires, Argentina
3D printing, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Industrial design, Machine design, Medical, Miscellaneous, Sport, Tools
Score: 113878 Followers: 965
344 models
0 tutorials
0 answers