GrabCAD Software Partners

The GrabCAD Software Partner Program is an ecosystem of software providers that have connected to Stratasys technology to provide customers with end-to-end additive solutions.

Featured Partners

We’re working with the best in the industry to bring a complete solution to you, including MES software, DRM software, PLM software and analytics software.
AMFG provides manufacturing execution system (MES) and workflow automation software for additive manufacturing. With AM system connectivity, order management, production scheduling and workflow automation solutions, our software empowers businesses to achieve connected, scalable and efficient additive manufacturing processes across their organizations and supply chains.
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Teton Simulation develops software products to help maximize efficiency when 3D printing parts. SmartSlice takes the guesswork out of optimizing a part for minimum print time and material use, while ensuring that end-use performance requirements are met. The company’s hallmark is providing software that is simple to use while providing very fast, reliable results.
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Siemens provides an end-to-end software solution for industrialized additive manufacturing that connects and automates every phase of the AM innovation process, from design optimization through part build preparation and simulation to production and qualification.
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Link3D enables organizations to scale their additive manufacturing infrastructure across complex supply chains and IT environments.
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Identify3D technology suite enables digital manufacturing by providing usage controls, security, and traceability of design and manufacturing process data across the digital supply chain.
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Founded in 2018, IndusIntel, Inc. is a California-based startup focusing on delivering solutions for enabling efficient and smart additive manufacturing operations. MachineScope offers a single pane of glass view into Additive manufacturing operations across all Stratasys FDM printers. Using MachineScope’s browser-based interface, an Additive operations manager can get insights into build status, machine utilization, shift wise downtime, material consumption and daily/weekly reports.
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Vistory is a software editor that develops cybersecurity solutions to build digital trust. MainChain is a seamless trusted third party for distributed production. MainChain offers manufacturing customers control over risk and increases their supply chain resilience by preserving industrial property, confidentiality and trade secrets, certifying blueprint integrity, tracing industrial property throughout the digital supply chain, and automating workflows.
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