Omar Elshamy

10th ramadan city, Egypt
Chief Technology Officer EMAR
Followers: 46 Models: 7

Paolo Minieri

Firenze, Italy
Followers: 202 Models: 133


Followers: 26 Models: 38

Thiccccccccccccccccccc Boi

Vex Parts for all
Followers: 3 Models: 29

alfredo argiolas

Firenze, Italy
Robotics Engineer, PhD. Biorobotics, technology enthusiast, violinist, fitness addicted!
Followers: 0 Models: 4

Hazem ashraf

Followers: 9 Models: 20

El-sayed Ahmad

Alexandria, Egypt
Mechanical Design Engineer, 3 years experience with SolidWorks, Key Shot and AutoCAD and looking for a new Challenge.
Followers: 19 Models: 46

Yahya T Khedr

Shebin El-Kom, Egypt
You may know me as: "The self-proclaimed moderator in all GrabCAD"...
Followers: 218 Models: 37

Sergio Lanna

Rome, Italy
I have so many passions and so little time...
Followers: 14 Models: 48

Federico Ugolini

Followers: 3 Models: 3

giulio prelli

novara, Italy
Followers: 211 Models: 33

Hesam Soleimanzadeh

Milan, Italy
Followers: 19 Models: 9