charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
3D printing, Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Components, Computer, Electrical, Energy and Power, Fixtures, Furniture, Hobby, Household, Industrial design, Interior design, Just for fun, Machine design, Marine, Medical, Military, Miscellaneous, Nature, Piping, Robotics, Speedrun, Sport, Tech, Tools
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61 models
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Lucius R.B

United Kingdom
Furniture, Hobby
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49 models
2 tutorials
9 answers

yudhi prasetyo

semarang, central java, Indonesia
Construction, Educational, Industrial design, Machine design, Piping, Tech, Toys
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35 models
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Mohamed salah Sakkouhi

3D printing, Aerospace, Aviation, Educational, Machine design, Piping, Robotics
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18 models
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Andrej Zapoljskih

Bar, Montenegro
3D printing, Automotive, Components, Electrical, Fixtures, Hobby, Household, Industrial design, Machine design, Medical, Tools, Toys
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5 models
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jaga swavi

3D printing, Aerospace, Automotive, Components, Educational, Industrial design, Machine design, Tech, Tools
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21 models
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ioan skurka

Toronto, Canada
Architecture, Industrial design
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71 models
58 tutorials
35 answers


3D printing, Automotive, Educational, Machine design, Medical, Piping, Robotics
Score: 1558 Followers: 7
24 models
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1 answers


Machine design, Military, Tools
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33 models
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craig forcht

Automotive, Computer, Hobby, Industrial design, Machine design
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39 models
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Dick Lowe

Gloucester, MA, United States
Architecture, Construction, Educational, Energy and Power, Furniture, Industrial design, Interior design, Machine design, Marine, Miscellaneous, Nature, Sport, Tools, Toys
Score: 80953 Followers: 931
186 models
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7 answers

Mustofa Nadim

Construction, Educational, Hobby, Household, Machine design, Medical, Miscellaneous, Tech, Tools
Score: 363 Followers: 7
6 models
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