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Created by Louis Roland on 16 July, 2018

I've developed a design for a full suss aluminium e-bike frame, with 150mm travel.

The rough plan is to produce in low volume initially, in the UK, with an environmental focus: long deign life, low carbon manufacturing (use of renewable energy, source raw materials from countries with low grid carbon intensity etc).

The frame design is fairly well developed, it's mainly CNC machined, with tubular downtube, top tube and seat tube. Lots of details to figure out though.

So I'm just wondering if there's any other engineers who have time on their hands due to lockdown, who'd be interested in being involved?

I can't promise any money, looking for people who have plenty of experience with Solidworks, and/or welding Aluminium, CNC machining etc, who would be interested in helping design a sweeeeeeeet bike?!