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Created by Emma Kaloupek on 6 June, 2018

a need a substation 161kv / 46 kv on 100 MVA. I will pay for it

I need a three phase double bus substation. I have attached 2 pdf files: the drawing I only need Switchgear and elevation of the substation that is it. please help me I need it soon. The pdf files from my teacher do not copy it. I have a friend's work if you need it too.
Using Autocad, draw a 175´150 ft substation switch-gear layout plan and elevation drawing.

The station is a 2´100 MVA, 161/46 kV double bus three phase switch-yard. The single line diagram is shown below. All symbols have their conventional meanings. For the elevation drawing select a suitable section that shows a profile of the equipment.

Correct representation of equipment. (25%)
Correct labeling of equipment (note: only major equipment needs to be labeled) (15%)
Reasonable dimensioning of layout and equipment (15%)
Selection of section and correct Elevation drawing (should correspond to equipment along section) (15%).
Additional credits for artistic representation of equipment – as opposed to simple geometric shapes! (5%)