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An experimental attempt to make a mobius strip out of gears. Using a SpaceClaim gear-generating add-in. Designed for 3D printing, but currently not tested.


  • John Fish
    John Fish 11 months ago

    Excellent, I have to show this to a previous Mechanical Engineering teacher, I'll give you credit of course. Maybe print it up for my present Solidworks 2014 teacher.

  • Mike Henry
    Mike Henry 11 months ago

    I've just printed this very cool project out in ABS on a Zortrax but can't get the last gear linked to the 1st - the arms are oriented opposite to the way they should fit together - any tips on assembling this, especially the last two links?

  • Mike Henry
    Mike Henry 11 months ago

    Oops - this question was intended for the V3 Mobius Gear comments section.

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