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After solving the energy crisis with cold fusion,
in 2039 scientists made two very important breakthroughs in energy storage and propulsion.
A new type of capacitor with an enormous energy density of 1MWh/dm^3 emerged out of a billon dollar project.
Secondly, a highly advanced circular magnetoplasmadynamic thruster (cMPD) entered a practical stage. It works by accelerating hydrogen atoms very efficient almost to the speed of light. Through the relativistic mass dilatation which occurs at such particle velocities, only a very small amount of working mass has to be carried along the vehicle.
In 2040 a prototype (my entry) utilizing this tec. was build in cooperation with Makerbot Industries.
The first flight results beat all expectations.
From then on it was an ease taking off vertically and flying out into space.
Only year’s later consumer products came onto market.
The traffic was quickly heaved into the third dimension and after two decades, massive autonomous cargo ships left earth heading towards Mars to initiate large scale terrafomation.

…and so a new area for mankind began.

tommylin from Thingiverse, 3D Printed it recently, have a look at it:


  • Nick Robinson
    Nick Robinson 11 months ago

    I was there and saw the whole thing! - Imagine my excitement finding a model of that very ship right here on GrabCAD! Awesome work! and congrats on the 2040 win!

  • Raul Agredano
    Raul Agredano 7 months ago

    Awesome my friend!!

  • Roman Batz
    Roman Batz 21 days ago

    Very nice story, die du dir da ausgedacht hast :-)

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