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Bicycle stand me own production

This bicycle stand is protected by a patent.

As long you write a source you can use this stand in your projects only for rendering purpose.

At this time, I am the only manufacturer and seller.

This type of bicycle stand eliminates problems having 90% of all available bicycle stands

1. problem : bicycle frame directly contact with a metal frame of bicycle stand ( paint damage )

2. problem : bicycle is attached with front wheel to bicycle stand ( bad move, vandalism, randomly thrown from people
trying to park their bike )

Can bend wheel frame

With this bicycle stand is bicycle frame in contact with soft rubber and front wheel is loose.

This is just one of many tips of bicycle stand from me production.

I will uploade more tips from bicycle stand so fast as possible.

Standard is fire galvanized, powder paint is not a problem too.

In render is used model of bike from Jan Keereweer download from :


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