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Boat -> Motorcycle Trailer Conversion Kit

Rather than renting a trailer, I designed this kit to be able to transport my motorcycle half way across Canada on a trailer designed for a boat that I had acquired for a good price.

I didn't have access to any tools, so mailed out the drawings to a local machine shop who had built it out of mild steel for $350 CAD.

Worked flawlessly, and the design can be modified for your own applications.


  • Indrek Narusk
    Indrek Narusk over 3 years ago

    like when the "models" actually turn to life. Trailer has a really long font part, is there any reason for that besides the "being a boat trailer". Why not shorten it?

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B over 3 years ago

    I didn't shorten it because I have a Polaris Jetski that could use a better trailer and I tow it with a car. The long tongue will keep my car out of salt water. I'll be looking into turning the tongue into an extendable one though later.

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