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ceramic desk lamp to provide indirect light while providing a high aesthetic value


  • Andy Jeffery
    Andy Jeffery over 3 years ago

    Ramses, Thank you for participating in our design competition. We will be putting your design on our Shapeways and Ponoko stores and hopefully will be making many of your beautifully designed "Ceralamp". Before we add this to our store would you be able to clean up the design. When we converted this to STL there were some artifacts in the file that will cause it not to print. If you would like more information please send me an email and I can send you an image of the errors in the file. Andy

  • Ramses Chavez
    Ramses Chavez over 3 years ago

    Ok, let me verify the model, thank you by your comment.

  • Ramses Chavez
    Ramses Chavez over 3 years ago

    Hi, Andy, could please verify the model revision I have just uploaded?

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