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"The mega-corporation OCP presents ED-209"

When i first saw "Robocop" movie in 90s , i had suddenly fall in love with "EDY" ( not robocop or other bots ) I think "EDY" is still most ever handsome bot of sci-fi history :) ( Just my opinion )

2 Days ago i found a little poster of it again and ive decided to model it for memory of my childhood :) I have to say that edy is probably most ever detailed model which i made in my free times. I used several referance pictures from web. However there are lots of variations so i've added some custom features to him. I know its not real as it gets but i like the way of him that have some marks from me :):)

Its totally made in CATIA V5 R21
30+ hours of drafting process
24 hours of rendering process ( My turtle pc was offline for me along a day :):)
Not designed in assambly module but parts are suitable for assambly modules of any software. Since model have pharametric joints ( linear guides, circular axis etc ) could be used in animations. However iam not familiar with it. So if someone make animation in his/her software , very apricated for me :)

Note: Iam sorry for stp file size but that mass comes from details :)

Additional renders are welcome

Thanks for your time


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