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EN3D Bottle Light

STEP / IGES Rendering By John Huizingh on September 12, 2012 21:27

Product not completely ready yet but idea is to have a topcover with solarpanel and a base-unit with the batteries and LEDs. This base unit is screwed to the bottle after which the outer-end of the unit is sticking into the water , the LEDs are covered with a transparant bulb shaped cover which makes it also watertight.


  • John Huizingh
    John Huizingh about 3 years ago

    Yes you are right. I was struggling about that. Of course only light directly from above is blocked now But I will also make a version with an off-centered panel

  • Trais McAllister
    Trais McAllister about 3 years ago

    About how far down did you place the LED's in the bottle?

  • John Huizingh
    John Huizingh about 3 years ago

    Trais, The LED's are about 45 mm below the roofplate

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