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EN3D Bottle Light 2

STL STEP / IGES Rendering By John Huizingh on September 14, 2012 19:44

This idea has a different approach as my first entry. Instead of one hole , 2 holes have to be made in the roof. The base of the product has a roof tile shape for easy fitting. It also has an integrated support shape for the bottle and solar panel.

The round hole in the roof is for the bottle and the square hole is for the batteryholder which is placed below the solar panel. In this way a wire/rope can be used for swichting the light on and off.

The LED unit is a loose part which is connected by wire to the solar panel and which is screwed to the bottle.


  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar almost 3 years ago

    nice idea fo switch

  • Bryan Morris
    Bryan Morris almost 3 years ago

    Great design!

  • Jeff Fine
    Jeff Fine almost 2 years ago

    Very clever combination of ideas. This could allow a significant amount of light in the daytime without the LED (allowing for the batteries to charge), then supply light at night from the battery. This could also be very inexpensive to make (provided you can find a good source for the batteries). Nice work. Any plans to commercialize this?

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