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Enclosure for Arduino Uno + 2 Shields

STEP / IGES STL Rendering By Chris Kelley on November 21, 2012 20:05

This is a custom enclosure box I made to hold an Arduino to a test bench I made. Side holes are for mounting via M5 button head screws. Top hole is intended for #6 x 3/8" sheetmetal screw.

Note: the LCD keypad uses Analog A0 for the buttons, so it is ok this port on the sensor shield is partially blocked by the enclosure.

I have printed a previous version on a Rapman, however it stopped working before I could test this version. If / when I design a lid, I will update the files and add it. Likely it will be billet aluminum since my Rapman is misbehaving... faster to carve from solid billet. :P


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