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Flame eater engine modelled and animated in SolidWorks. A flame eater engine is also called a fire eater engine, a fire licker engine, a flame licker engine or simply a vacuum engine, because the piston is pushed into a vacuum by the atmosphere. Personally I prefer the German name Flammenfresser!

The spring loaded cam operates a vent that traps the hot air from the burner in the cylinder, which in turn drives the piston inwards due to a vacuum created when the trapped air cools.
It's all very simple :-)

Original design by Philip Duclos.


  • Steen Winther
    Steen Winther 12 months ago

    The main difference between a Stirling engine and a Flammenfresser is that the Stirling engine works on the differential between hot and cold chambers, whereas the Flammenfresser works via a flame trapped in a sealed chamber. If this doesn't make sense I shouldn't have taken the last one...

  • Lee Jerry
    Lee Jerry 10 months ago


  • saiarjun
    saiarjun 3 months ago


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