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STEP / IGES Rendering By Troy on February 03, 2012 16:12

The end cap secures to the grip clamp with a 1/4 turn, locking it in place. Inside the end cap is an o-ring that provides the tension to the cap so it does not loosen under any condition. The grip clamp is a screw compression fitting, with a cut out allowing the grip tape to be pulled tight as the grip clamp is pushed into the handle bar end. The locking ring clamping design is pretty normal, but I did increase its width and sunk the set screw to give it a more finished smoother look.


  • Troy
    Troy over 3 years ago

    With outsourcing, you can get a mold made up pretty cheap. I dont see the cost being any different then the current cost of milling the end caps. It looks like Flying Machine has aluminum logos on the bikes now, they are not far off from being able to use aluminum end caps. Again I am assuming they use aluminum currently.

  • Andreas Gkertsos
    Andreas Gkertsos over 3 years ago

    i think that they mentioned in the description that they will be using aluminum...

  • Russ
    Russ over 3 years ago

    Nice. I personally have never worked in molds, but for some reason I've always thought it would be an expensive process unless mass produced in very high quantities. Other then the finishing endcap itself, it looks like were on the same track. :)

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