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Game Boy Pocket

It’s in catia v5 native, and i added some images to use as stickers, hope you make some beautiful renders :D


  • Aldo Maresca
    Aldo Maresca over 3 years ago

    thanks, i like your playstation

  • Ibrahim Sanih Ahmed
    Ibrahim Sanih Ahmed about 3 years ago

    the gameboy was my first gaming device. i was 9 i think. but i remember it was slightly chunkier than this. is this a later version? it looks almost the same, and even black and white screen.

  • Aldo Maresca
    Aldo Maresca about 3 years ago

    it's a gameboy pocket, just that it's too shiny because i rendered it on catia, and it's textures are not very good. also i forgot the select start b a button paint

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