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Here is My entry for the
Mobile Meeting Room
The aluminum version is a STEP file

What you have here is 2 versions. One version
uses extruded aluminum (see parts drawing)
and the sound proofing material is frame with
aluminum with acrylic windows. This is a more
high end version. Not really a DIY application. but
it shows how it can be made if you replaced the aluminum with wood
like version 2

Version 2 is a DIY application.
All that is needed is
Simpson Strong-Tie brackets
Sound proof panels (see image)

Frame each sound proof panel and then attached them together
at the top and bottom. This could be any size needed. depending
the number of panels you use.
Both versions show a pocket door system. Either swinging or pocket
door could work.
You can see how the aluminum version is assembled in the photos. Some steps would be skipped if you use the wood version.

The last 2 image you see is A wood version and a large 4 wall room


  • Kaspar Kiis
    Kaspar Kiis over 3 years ago

    We have announced the winner. Take a look at the results. How long did it take for you to design it and will you be interested taking part of challenges in the future? It is very important for us to get some feedback and make sure everybody is happy and motivated :)

  • Bruce Coats
    Bruce Coats over 3 years ago

    Hi Kaspar This model took about 8hrs from start to finish with all the renders and notes add to images. I look forward to work on other entries. The contest are fun and a good way to improve my skills

  • Kaspar Kiis
    Kaspar Kiis over 3 years ago

    Looking forward to see you in next challenges then :)

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