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generalelectric Bone ultimate

STEP / IGES Rendering By andreas anedda on August 07, 2013 09:09

Mass: 414 g
80% mass reduction

I can finally show you my final entry to this contest.
The concept is always the same, taking inspiration from nature to solve the problem.

I worked a lot on the inside cave, but i had to solve the problem of the mounting surface, wich was creating a lot of stress in the lower part of my bracket.
At the end i manged to solve the problem and reduce the mass of the model.
Sadly I din't reach the 400 grams as i wanted, but i got close.

Every thickness should be above 0.06 in, as i checked it in solidworks.

About FEA testing: I tried many different softwares to get a global idea of the stress on my bracket.
At the end, for conditions 2, 3 and 4, the results were similar in all the softwares and i report here the highest values i got:

Condition 2: 116 ksi
Condition 3: 71 ksi
Condition 4: 118 ksi

Most of these values are concentrated in some spots of the model

With condition 1 i had some more issue: results were different in terms of value and location of the stress in several softwares. i was getting lots of artificial red spots with unreal values of stress. So, after a lot of work trying to solve this problem, i decided non to use bolts to constrain the cracket, but i fixed the faces of the holes like a lot of people do in the contest. I don' think is the best way, but it is certainly the easiest. In this way i was able to see how my bracket will acting condition 1, wich is probably the hardest.

Condition 1: 118 ksi

I m not an expert of FEA, so i probbly got wrong with my meshing. I let the judges find out if the results are good.

Hope you like my work, also the new super aggressive black version of the bracket!



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