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Rhino Rendering By Mike Enayah on October 03, 2012 19:52 in Industrial design

I designed what I call a iTheater around the iPhone 5. This is hands free holder with speakers that is fully adjustable for size and optimal vision distance. I have borrow the modeled head from Sonu (thank You Sonu).
I was browsing the internet and noticed that people are talking about this design. Here are some of the links.


  • Roland Schneider
    Roland Schneider 12 months ago

    Incredible good idea, very nice renderings, perfect work!

  • mahmoud.shour
    mahmoud.shour 11 months ago

    great work

  • Carl Garthwaite
    Carl Garthwaite 10 months ago

    Very cool! The view screen would need to be extremely light for balance. Perhaps view screens on the inside of eye glass frames could be used instead. That would also make 3D viewing easier. Oh yeah... Get a patent! You saw it here first!

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