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I've tried to design my products so that they would use a minimal amount of materials, whilst conforming to the Lomography ethos by staying sleek and simple. Both the 'Be3D' and 'LomoInstant' are suitable for 3D printing or Injection molding (with the addition of simple pre-assembled components where necessary).

The Be3D uses a very simple 'teeth and clamp' system, to allow the user to adjust the angle at which the cameras will need to be for varying length 3D photographs. They can either align each camera by eye and clamp it in position, or use the built in angle markings to set the angle based upon estimated distance, thus allowing them to view find through one camera, safe in the knowledge that the other will be facing the right place. It's fitted with a standard size camera tripod thread at the bottom, so would be suitable for photographers to use with their existing equipment.

After designing the Be3D, I decided that it would be impractical for ambitious photographers to find themselves having to press both buttons at exactly the same time, especially if the cameras were on an unstable platform or they wanted to take pictures of themselves. This led me to designing the 'LomoInstant'; it features a blend of components, that are optimised for a compromise between price and size. It uses a clothes peg-like system to securely clamp onto the small surround that frames the shutter release, and when activated, the micro-solenoid presses the button and then swiftly retracts. It features a single channel system that allows you to activate all of your units at the same time.

Credit to Tony for the (now edited) tripod model.

Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.


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