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I wanted to design a simple to use and fit grip. I have made this grip with 2 handles for left and right handed people or to hold with 2 hands for extra steadiness.

It is a very simple design on a cap which slots onto the base of the camera with 2 handles coming off on adjacent corners. For extra security I have included 2 snap fit type fasteners to the front which just slot onto the first ridge on the camera body.

I have included some extra details including a cross rib in the handle for added stability and strength, a rib where the handles meet the base cap, holes in the handle base for moisture drainage and lastly a hole which aligns with the screw hole on the base of the camera so that a tripod attachment can still be used while this grip is attached.

I believe it would be very easy to manufacture via 3D printing or injection moulding and the shapes/forms I have tried to match to the camera as much as possible to suit the brand image.


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