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Merry Go round

Did this for my sister one morning, she needed a logo for a brand she wanted to market so i decided to model it in 3d then use photoshop to create a logo with my base image created using Photoview360 and Solidworks.
it was a very simple model using some more interesting techniques with in solidworks i had never tried but had come across in my studies of Autodesk Maya, suffice to say i was surprised at how easy it was to do the finer details. since helix and multi-pattern/ mirror features tend to cause trouble.
Obviously i tried a few different colour compinations for my sister except my favorite was the white back ground with vivid pinks...
I must admit you will open the file and be very surprised at how simple the file was created as it only took about 15 mins. so there is probably way better ways i could have done this but for the purpose of the final black and white image it worked for me. the features at the very top are a wrap tool that is embossed using a picture scaled onto a plane.. i know theres some very dodgy modeling in this (lots of blue lines in sketches) but it wasnt for engineering purposes so i wasnt to worried about making sure each and every part was constrained :) thanks to all the people that liked it :)


  • Davies
    Davies about 4 years ago
    my othe portfolio is located at the above link i cannot upload the models for IP reasons but there is a brief animation of a very complex rollover system on a drill rig. i am currently working on a far larger animation then i will possibly get around to re doing this as an assembly on a greater scale and animating it :) Thank you everyone for your nice comments. :)

  • Davies
    Davies about 4 years ago

    I just loaded a solidwork model of this for everyone sorry i was half asleep last night when i did this and selected the wrong file type

  • Mark Morehead
    Mark Morehead about 4 years ago

    Very nicely done! Fascinating model in just a few steps... goes to prove simplicity is the key to effectiveness :) Thanks for sharing the model.

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