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Project: MOPICO
Designer: Damian Lesniak
Category: Young designer

Length - 2678 mm
Width - 1766 mm
Height - 1538 mm


MOPICO - sophisticated outsider!
Two-seater, electric vehicle for the urban environment.
Spacious and comfortable interior.
Small, agile and city-proof.

This is my first body car design.
Rather funny than professional :)
Any constructive critic welcome!

Special thanks to:

Nayla Miana - automotive suspension adopted
Stef Varga and Gee - car seats and driver body adopted
Starnuti - tyres and wheels adopted
Wasiliy - side mirror adopted


  • Nayla Miana
    Nayla Miana over 3 years ago

    Nice model. Congratulations!

  • Emil Pop
    Emil Pop over 3 years ago

    the nose is a bit weird

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