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NACA 0012

NACA 0012 wing in Catia


  • Muhammad Syaiful Abu Bakar
    Muhammad Syaiful Abu Bakar almost 2 years ago

    how did you come up with the measurement. Maybe i can share a bit how i did. I use Profili software to select the NACA type. Then it will provide me the coordinate points. Then by using macro, export the coordinate into points in catia file. you may message me if you want to know it in detail

  • aleksa radovanovic
    aleksa radovanovic almost 2 years ago

    i believe that airfoil itself is good, but either John's or yours, Andrew, Performance Options/3D Accuracy are not set "good", so representation of model is, let's say, bad

  • John Smith
    John Smith almost 2 years ago

    Dear friends, Thanks for your comments.I'll make it better and upload it again

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