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I got about half-way done with this one. At least in SW. Once I figured that there is enough room in the case for all the bits, I didn't bother to do all the tiny details, but it's certainly a plan for the days when I'll have nothing better to do. Within the assembly, there are some parts that can be used elsewhere, some are my own creation, some grabbed from the internet.
Anyway, here it is, have fun. BTW, it's a hybrid amp and I'd like to finish the model and see how close it could mimic the actual device... tubes and stuff...
The amplifier got named so because it's a result of a group effort of my friends from (no one can really tell who the father is :) )


  • Dave
    Dave over 3 years ago

    Great Model. I like this design. Would like to adapt this case to a HTPC. Thanks! :)

  • Robert Stein
    Robert Stein over 3 years ago

    If you need some assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. Not CAD related: the cooler fan requires 12VDC to start up, however, it can be noisy at full RPM. To reduce the RPM, there's a simple schematic I used that starts up the fan, and lowers the voltage almost immediately and lowers the speed of the fan to get the lowest possible noise, yet, adequate cooling. It has one N channel MosFet, two capacitors and one variable resistor (potentiometer) and of course, the fan. Just in case you find you need to use that... Most of the MBs do support such control, but... I can't tell from here ;)

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