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SGI Logo

Just playing with PV360,


  • ALI
    ALI over 3 years ago

    thanks M. F. Barros, in fact when I first did this logo I wasn't aware about its origin, I jst saw a picture of it online and I modeled it. later I was told that this is a well known logo. :) it is very nice one indeed and I may throw some new renders later.

  • M. F. Barros
    M. F. Barros over 3 years ago

    I used to maintain a bunch of SGI workstations and servers in the late 90's, they were great machines at the time and some models keep performing very well up to this day. Excellent engineering and construction, rock-solid Unix implementation (IRIX). At that time they were a very strong contender in the high end graphics and high performance computing arena. Unfortunately, poor management led to SGI downfall and in 2009 they were acquired by another company. Sorry, I am rambling. I would love to see new renders of this classic logo. Best regards from Brazil.

  • jehan kothari

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