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My proposed design for the interior of the Tuatara. Inspired by Castriota’s design, I decided to continue a little bit of the aerospace inspired design as well as the car’s exterior design features into the interior.
- The speedometer/tachometer area is a glass screen that is lit up by picoprojectors behind, and is similar to a HUD. 2 similar displays are located at the side, their design inspired by the tuatara’s rear wings. The one on the right displays the current gear of the car, along with indicator lights that tell when is the right time to change gear. The left one displays any vital information the driver chooses to have on it, according to the menu on the central console. Just on the left side of the central console is the giant red "START" button, which when turned on initiates a clockwise-motion lighting sequence on the red lights located around the start button. The engine turns on immediately when all the red lights are on.
- The central console has a large touchscreen that also contains a few buttons on the bottom just in case the driver thinks his hands are too dirty to touch the screen ;) There are several buttons next to the screen that control other important functions, like traction control, driving modes etc. The holes on the top of the central console are inspired by the holes on the Tuatara’s body, and function as a central HVAC that circulates the cabin air.
- The exterior hole design inspiration is not limited to the central console, but is also visible on the door panels. Large woofers are located below the door panel design.
- The central AC vents are inspired by the Tuatara’s twin central exhausts. The side AC vents are inspired by the 4 rocket exhaust found on space shuttles.
With regards to the Interior colours, I have given it a subtle 2 tone appearance, with carbon fiber for the seats and central console, and a red over dark gray, with touches of metal. I hope you like the design! :)


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