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Tuatara Interior 3

First of all I want to thank Jerod for letting us work on such a great project. I liked it very much working on the interior of such a amazing car. Also the feedback of Jerod during the work in progress was very valuable, and lets hope that there will be a lot of similar challenges in the future.

I wanted to make a interior design which followed the outside lines of the car but also had some unique features and in the same time being elegant,stylish and futuristic. I would like to mention the wing-shaped unit on top of the, bended inwards ,dashboard panel which contains the ventilation units and also has hole patterns equal to the outside of the car which can be used for ventilation also.

The floating instrumentation panel connected to this wing and also the Tuatara tail in the middle console. These might become features which are characteristic for the Tuatara.

The touchscreen mounted in the top of the middle console automatically rotates upwards when the car is started and rotates down when the car is shut down.

I have made renderings with all kind of materials for the interior, but I like the carbon-fibre wing a lot, because this fits well with the carbon-fibre wheels.

I have added today several buttons in the middle-console and also a joy-stick like device which can be used for controlling the commands on the touchscreen.In combination with the curved cut-out in the middle console which give the arm more space and functions as a arm-rest the whole is very ergonomic.


    CLAUDE over 1 year ago

    Hello John.Fisrt of all, i don't want to bother with this requet but I would like like to know how to get the original SSC tuatara model ?.
    I've got some ideas for an project and i would like to put this car model in.

  • John Huizingh
    John Huizingh over 1 year ago

    Hello Claude, I do not know where to find the CAD of the car. For this concept we only received the basic lay-out of the interior we could use

  • doub
    doub 12 months ago

    very good job

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