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60 size Radio controlled model, this plane originally designed by a good friend of mine, Paul Lyonns [master pilot and all round great guy] can fly as softly as a gentle trainer and then suddenly explode in to the most incredible aerobatics you can think up. I have built about 4 of these planes over the years using the basic dimensions as you see them here. The best version so far is a EPS wing skinned in 3mm Corex and a box fux of balsa struts and 4mm Corex. Std motor i have always used on this plane is an OS 60 with a 12/6 prop [if ui recall correctly. I have included the Floats too for those of you who love flying off water.and this size motor flies with floats too. What a great plane to fly, very good for learning to fly!The name White Bus came from Paul, i think because it was so square looking!
There are several variations of skins etc included here, just suppress the parts you dont want for the version you would like to build.


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