GrabCAD Advanced PolyJet takes Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printing into the next era of prototyping and product realism.

Pantone matching

Advanced polyjet pantone matching
Use built in Pantone books
Use built-in Pantone industry-standard books for communicating and matching colors.
Match Pantone validated colors
Prototype models with near perfect matching with the Pantone book colors, validated by Pantone LLC.

A broader range of product realism

Advanced polyjet realism
Print complex parts
Make complex, realistic parts combining graphics and textures with varying levels of transparency, translucency, and opaqueness.

Greatly simplified UX to print imperfect models

Advanced polyjet simplified ux
Save time and effort
Avoid time-consuming Boolean operations that lead to large file sizes, water tightness issues, unwanted printing artifacts, or failed prints.
Get the final parts you want
Designate the priority to the printer of overlapping models in an assembly to obtain the desired visual output.

Accurate material and print time estimations

Advanced polyjet material tray estimations
View accurate material and print time estimations
Improve pricing accuracy for printing models and improve shop-planning and efficiency.

Supports your Stratasys printers

Printer 2
Full support:
Stratasys J750, Stratasys J735