2D structure drawing

i need to draw structure like this; what's the best way of doing it?

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Draw it in 2D or 3D? What is the purpose behind drawing it?
More information would help to choose the "best" way to do it.

A few options though:
- Press print, drawing complete.
- Paper, pencil, straight edge, and square.
- Any "drawing" program. I've heard good things about Draftsight, but I've never used it.
- If you are doing 3D, more information is needed. What is the structure made of in terms of material(s), and profile(s).
- As it is most likely simple extruded profiles, any CAD program should be able to handle it. I've never used FreeCAD, but many people here claim it works OK.

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if you just want to represent your design on paper then draw in 2d and if you want to see how your design will work in condition for which it is made then make it in 3d so that you can run simulation on your design and can make necessary changes in needed.

hope this may help.

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Sorry guys, i need to draw structure similar to this on in 2d, but i don't know wich program i should use!

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You don't really need a CAD program to draw something that basic. OpenOffice has a DRAW app in it that would do just fine for what you want. It is a very basic tool, easy to learn also.

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