3D annotations in an isometric view of an assembly file?

My goal is to somehow insert 3D quotes into a isometric 2D assembly drawing.
I tried to quote what I needed in the 3D model and to import these annotations into 2D drawing. My problem is with the isometric view. I created in the 3D model an 'isometric annotation view' and tried to put there the annotations I needed. However, some quotes (that Sw saves as annotations) couldn't be moved/created there. (why??)
Also, I managed to import annotations in the 2D drawing with any other view (top, left, right, bottom..) but not with the isometric view.

I'm not sure I explained clearly myself but I hope a great deal in your help.
I'm still a Solidworks beginner, so, please, have patience ^^ and replay with many many words...

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I sorted out!
I created another isometric view and then clicked Modify, where I inserted all the quotes I was interested in... and it worked.
No idea why it wasn't working before, but by trial and error something came out. Never insulted my pc more than today XD
Good night!

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