I create a sketch in a plane and i want to edit the same sketch in different plane, is this possible in solid edge ST8 ?
like splice tool used in NX10.

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No intimate knowledge of ST8, but have you tried to right-click "Copy" the sketch, then "Paste" and resolve with a new datum assignment? Or is this even possible?

I'm assuming you want to break associativity between the parent and copy sketch correct? If not, there is probably a method available in your "associative copy" tool set.

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I've never used SolidEdge, but if this were a SOLIDWORKS question, I'd suggest using the Projected Curve tool.
Maybe SolidEdge has a tool like that?
Sketch the 2D curves on two planes, then combine then through magic to get a single 3D curve. It would then be easy to just modify one of the curves.

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The question it is not clear.

- If you want to change the plane of a sketch just edit the feature and in the plane step choose a different one.
- If you want to copy the same sketch to another plane you can use the "Copy sketch" tool and choose source and destination, in option you can choose if keep them linked or not
- If you want to combine two sketch in a single 3D curve you can use the tool "Cross Curve" in the Surfacing tab.

have a look at this vide:

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