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What is the specific job titles for someone who is working to convert 2d images or sketches of cars into 3d models? I really want to do this kind of job, I am using Catia Imagine and Shape

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A heads up, there are very few jobs like this out in industry. Most of the time, this will be just part of the job for someone who is either a CAD Drafter or Engineer. There is no specific job that I am aware of where this is an employee's only type of task.

This was part of my job when I was an engineering/drafting intern in college.

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It may depend on the industry.
Automotive, marketing, special effects, advertising, prop making, model building, scale models, museums, restoration work...
There are many industries that could have a use for this type of work.

It might be good to create a portfolio with lots of examples of models and projects. Then when the opportunity arises, you can send it and a resume. If you have no paperwork ready, nobody is going to wait a few weeks while you get it together.

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15 or 20 years ago you could be hired at almost any CAD/drafting house to do this kind of work because so much stuff was on paper back then instead of in digital format but this is not the case any more.

A game studio would be your best bet. Most of the time the modeller in this field takes the concept artist sketched views and recreates them as a 3d model. You will not be doing cars very much because todays cars are already created in a 3d CAD format so most studios just get the CAD content and then redraw it in a format that best suits the game engine.

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