3D printer, best buy?

Can you please recomend a printer for me...

I need it to be:

* Easy to use
* Cheap

Something like this maybe?


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Cheap, there is two different versions, and alot of spareparts to buy.

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i have put in to puchase http://store.solidoodle.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=56

the price is very reasonable for a single head printer with a build area of 6 X 6 X 6 inches

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I recomend UP! PLUS 3D Printer. The manifacturer is www.pp3dp.com
It is very easy to use and very stabil. It is pricesd around 1500 to 2000 usd depending on the region. We sell it in Turkey for 1,999 usd. you can find the names of the distributors in the manifacturers web site.
Ours is www.3dimensionprint.com

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I seems everybody has a different opinion. I also vote for the UP! Plus. I have a Makerbot as well and the software (ReplicatorG) can be a little bit tricky. In Dec. 2012 the UP! Plus was voted by MAKE magazine as the "easiest to use and best print quality" in a test of 15 printers below US$5000.

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Remember you get what you pay for with all of those hobby grade printers. $2k may not be a lot to a big company, but it's a lot for a consumer to eat.

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Cheap and nice size build volume. Makerfarm Prusa I3. 8x8x7.25 build volume, under $600, youtube instructions and great customer support. I ordered mine about a month ago and it shipped out next day.

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For $529 on amazon its hard to beat the xyzprinting.com Da Vinci. got one as a gift, and though i would have liked an open source equivalent the price point is very attractive.

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All good options but new cube 3 from 3d systems is a good reliable two color option for under 1k. Auto leveling and supplies are guaranteed to work or they are replaced. Set up and printing in under 5 minutes.

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