A problem caused the program to stop working correctly” error on Windows 10 while running SOLIDWORKS

This problem always appears when I try to use project curve feature, constantly making SOLIDWORKS to turn off. Did someone have this problem while running SOLIDWORKS or any other software? Please share your experience and ideas.

6 Answers

It depends which version of SOLIDWORKS you use, I get that error quite often (especially when I use large assemblies, 1000+ components). It is quite possible that it is a bug, you can check if there is any other version available so that you can upgrade your current (I mean on SP), in newer versions those bugs are usually fixed. Sometimes, I fix that problem by turning off all other running programs, allowing my computer to focus on that issue (it could be processor or graphics). But, sometimes, that is simply a bug.

In my experience 70% of SolidWorks errors are caused by graphics issues. Another 20% are caused by other programs running on the computer, or a general lack of resources (RAM, Hard Drive space...etc.). The remaining problems are often bugs in the software.

Close SolidWorks, Launch SolidWorks, Do not open any parts and go to Tools - Options- Performance. Enable the "Use Software Open GL Option. Now close, then reopen SW and see if the problem remains.

Also, make sure there is "enough" RAM and hard drive space. SW will crash if it uses to much virtual memory.

Lastly, try to recreate your issue in a new file. Does it happen every time you use project curve, or only in one part? You could also post the part here and have someone with the same version and service pack see if they can complete the feature.

Thank you! Tomorrow I will try your suggestions and see if it solves this problem.

And Fred, yes, this issue occurs on different non associated parts, but always when using projected curve it seems.

OK guys, so the problem was definitely connected to SOLIDWORKS version, after I upgraded it from SP0 to SP5 - no more errors or crashes. Other attempts (changing windows settings or SW settings) didn't help

setup run from admin .. Check licence detail ..it install properly..