Adding a guide curve to a boundary surface?


I'm far into modelling an item and I want to change something.

I'd like to add another sketch to a boundary surface which I did right at the start of the model (to go into direction 2), what would be the best way of doing this? I need to make the curve pierce one of the sketches in the boundary surface but I'm struggling to find a way of doing this?

I can't delete the boundary surface and recreate them because it messes up other features.

Hope this makes sense.


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1 Answer

Just suppress all features after the sketch you used to create the boundary surface.

Then edit the sketch and add the new direction sketch. After that, un-suppress the boundary surface which may blow or not at that point.

Now edit the boundary feature and select your 2nd direction.

Now un-suppress all features one at a time and if any blows, that means it is looking for that new reference, which is the all new boundary you have created. Just edit that feature to update the reference.

Let me know how it works.

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