Airfoil Profile?

i'm making a research about wind blade for the wind turbine. i wanna ask what kind of software can give me accurate profile?
what i understand that the profile of blade will change follow by the length of blade.

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Hi Mr. Budak, base on my experience when I was a sudent, the changes of the airfoil along the blade lenght is up to the designer (which in some cases it doesn't has to be changed). You may want to change the profile if you think (and base on the analysis) will give you better lift/less drag or whatever parameter you want. As for the profile, you can search on the internet for free software or from the books (i used Model Aircraft Aerodynamics as my reference). as long as you have the coordinate of the airfoil, it should be accurate for the software.

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too many out there, either free or pay. GOOGLE

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