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I am just throwing this out here for conversation, but I noticed that the check boxes on the upload page are now defaulted to unchecked. It seems many users, including myself, either forget to check these (if they actually want to) or don't notice they are unchecked by default. I bring this up because I now see more files uploaded by new users who don't upload a picture. If they dont check the box because they dont know what it does or forget, then the helpful rendering users here dont get a chance to help them out. This would also unintentionally cut back the chances for those of you who are looking to get a Render Bender badge.
Anyone have thoughts on this? I figure this may be more of a question to the staff as to why the default on the boxes is unchecked.

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You have picked up on a good point Aaron :)
and yeah this would be more suited for the GrabCAD staff and also I think
this question would be better in Improving GrabCAD @

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Is there a way to delete a question from Q&A? Im not one for clutter in here and I have reposted to another question.

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