Anchor bracket design approach.

Hi Grabcad users,

I want to design anchor bracket in catia. I have attached the design. Please refer it.
Please help me with best starting approach and the following steps.

Waiting for positive reply.

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Anchor Bracket do reverse engineering, you can do it yourself

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From the sketch you can get all dimensions required to model part. What you need to decide is if you want to copy as is, a cast anchor bracket, or is it better to re-design to make version profile cut from plate and welded together. This is a decision based on quantity to make, tools available in workshop / factory and analysis of costs involved. The CAD system does not matter, this approach applies to Solid Works, Inventor, any other CAD package, or even a quick hand drawn sketch

The attached images are of a possible version laser cut from 6mm plate and pressed to shape. If the bracket needed to be stronger you may need to weld in a rib between the flanges, but if this as is is strong enough this would be a cheap way to make this part, a few off to hundreds or even thousands off.

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