Any mesh creating program that can develop the new types of 3d printed soles for shoes which are compressible and in some sort of wire formation--- Picture attached

I would like to print the sort of mesh formation shown on the sole for this 3d printed Adidas shoe and have the proper filament to do so. I know there are some mesh mixing programs out there and was just wondering if there are any in which I could develop this compressible mesh formation and mold it to my liking. Also, how would I go about creating this compressible wire mesh formation.

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It may not be the right application, but check out Inspire by SolidThinking:

There is another program I've seen which does the type of structure you show, but I can never recall the name of it.

Meshlab does Voronoi structures, so it could be of some help:

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Netfabb Ultimate (with Topology Optimization Tools)

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