Any suggestions to where to learn Flow Simulation (SolidWorks)?

I'm working on a project where I'd make a model of a complete PC case with components and I'd like to simulate the airflow through the case. I'd set up some input and output fans for air, and if possible add few heat generators (like CPU, GPU, etc.) and simulate few different fan solutions for best heat output.

Now, the thing in all of this is that I've never used SolidWorks Flow Simulation, and just by clicking through it, I didn't figure out alot. If there are any good tutorials or online courses I could take, it would be awesome.
Also, if there's something that I should learn theoretically before taking on with Flow Simulation, please do suggest.


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For theory, the help pages mention a few standard equations. Be sure to look through the help pages, take a flow sim walkthrough class with your VAR, and attend some flow seminars when they come to your area. Good knowledge of material thermal properties, fan pressure chart analysis, etc, as they apply to your project. Also learn your meshing as required to fit your runs into memory and duration. Think about what you are going to do with your resulting data, learn all the useful visualizations, going to excel for graphs, etc.

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Here are some links to a few really good ones I remember watching a while back. They should definitely help you get started. Hope it all works out!

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