anyone has keyshot tutorials?

i want to learn keyshot.

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u cn learn it easily by trying urself.itz very easy. u dnt need any tutorials. i too learnt it by myself. :)

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There are a few places for training material:

You'll find some quicktips in the sidebar on the blog. In the near future, we'll have all training content in one location on the website.

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do they offer educational version... or trial?

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Yes they offer an educational version cheaper than Pro version but you still have to purchase $95 / year license.

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However Keyshot rendering take a long time to render (about an hour)compared to Bunkspeed Shot (a few minutes) and get almost same quality. They both were the same company a few years ago so there is not so much difference.

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well.. if you dont want to wait for hours you can always use "screenshot" for an immediate rendered execution with "acceptable" level of resolution (to start with).

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Just to follow up on this. The training section has been updated with new tutorials for KeyShot 3 -

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